Why Write A Cover Letter – A Word From Slate Magazine’s Editorial Director

resume and cover letter writers los angeles california

A few weeks ago, John Swansburg, the editorial director of Slate magazine, was on Reddit musing about everything from pandas and zombies to Lew Wallace and the future of journalism.

Oh, and cover letters. Take it from Swansburg, who reads through painfully large stacks of resumes on a pretty regular basis: cover letters matter. Here are some of his tips for a recent college grad who asks him how to make his job application stand out from the pack:

Swansburg says: Keep your cover letter short.

“Be concise; don’t assume anyone is going to indulge your letter for very long.”

Swansburg says: Use a tone that fits your potential employer.

“I’m always charmed by cover letters written in the voice of someone who seems to get Slate.”

Swansburg says: Show you’ve done your research.

“Most important, perhaps, is conveying that you know the place you’re applying to. I like it when someone gets across that they read Slate, they like Slate, they really could imagine contributing to Slate. I suppose some part of that is falling prey to flattery, but I want to know you’ve done your homework and thought about the job and the employer. You’d be amazed how many letters we get from people who don’t seem to have read the magazine.”

And here’s what Write In Color Says:

A cover letter gets you noticed. It lets you explain away the gaps in your employment history, or any required qualifications you may be missing. It’s also where your personality comes through.

Still not convinced a cover letter is worth your time? You’re in luck. The expert wordsmiths at Write In Color will craft you a concise, compelling, well-researched cover letter that fits you — and your prospective job — like a glove. We help clients in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Southern California and beyond get a resume, CV and/or cover letter that’s strong enough to impress even the most demanding employer.


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