The Candy Bar Resume – Should I Send An Alternative Resume?

craziest resume ideas los angeles

Chocolates may win over the love interest in your life, but will it win over your potential boss? That was the hope of Nick Begley, the owner of the now infamous ResumeBar that’s gone viral on Reddit. The candy bar resume has caused a lot of buzz over whether an alternative resume will help a jobseeker in today’s competitive market. Here’s where our professional resume writers stand on the alternative resume.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the ResumeBar is essentially a paper label wrapped around a chocolate bar, made to look like the candy bar wrappers you see on your favorite Hershey’s bars. Begley customized the wrapper by filling in common fields with the info traditionally included on resumes (though we have a few points of contention on these!): His “ingredients” are his skills, the “amount per serving” area shows he offers a 100% daily value in areas such as work ethic, leadership and creativity, and the “nutritional facts” are replaced with personal information such as his name and educational level.

Nick said he created the ResumeBar to set himself apart from the sea of job applicants. And, for him at least, the gimmick worked: he said he landed a marketing job about three months after he sent out the candy bar resume in 2009.

Sure, most employers wouldn’t say no to a free candy bar. But the problem with alternative resumes is that they usually come off as acts of desperation. In our years of helping jobseekers in Los Angeles and beyond, we’ve seen that the best way for them to stand out is through their accomplishments, not a gimmick. An effective resume will have copy that lets your skills shine and a design that showcases your personality in subtle ways — no gimmick required.

Have you been feeling the urge to wrap up your resume in bows, or in candy bar wrappers, to get it noticed by an employer? Then you’re probably in need of a new resume. Let Write In Color give you a resume with content and design that’s more than strong enough to stand on its own.


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