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Think you have the worst job ever? According to a new report, you have every reason to be griping — if you happen to be a newspaper reporter, lumberjack or enlisted military personnel.

The career website has been ranking the 200 best and worst jobs in the U S of A for years now, using the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other government data to rank some of the most relevant jobs in the current employment market. The criteria that determines whether a job is the crème de la crème or at the bottom of the barrel: degree of physical demand, working environment, income, stress and hiring outlook.

Sure, it’s not a foolproof analysis. But it’s kind of fun to see what positions a leading career research company says we should be embracing or avoiding. Here are’s 10 best and 10 worst jobs of 2013:

Best Jobs of 2013*

1. Actuary
2. Biomedical engineer
3. Software engineer
4. Audiologist
5. Financial planner
6. Dental hygienist
7. Occupational therapist
8. Optometrist
9. Physical therapist
10. Computer systems analyst

* Not trained in computers or medicine? Get it together, already!

Worst Jobs of 2013

1. Newspaper reporter
2. Lumberjack
3. Enlisted military personnel
4. Actor
5. Oil rig worker
6. Dairy farmer
7. Meter reader
8. Mail carrier
9. Roofer
10. Flight attendant

You can see the train of thought (and research) behind some of these rankings. Newspapers, for instance, had a tough year. The pay for a reporter is typically lousy, the work environment is usually severely understaffed (and as such, suffering from low morale), and the hours are long and arduous.

An actuary, on the other hand, is the person who puts a value on a risk, be it manmade or natural. So with hurricanes and tornadoes putting our homes and belongings at risk and the bad economy putting pension funds and the like on shaky ground, says there’s a severe shortage of these well-paid risk analysts.

There are many reasons to look for a new career — attention, all lumberjacks and reporters: these survey results alone should not be one of them! But if you’re greeted with an unhappy working environment, work grueling hours or see a decline in your industry’s demand, it might be time to make a transition. If that time comes, one of the best ways to position yourself for your new job’s skill set is to tailor your resume to your future field. Your existing skills and experience probably apply to your new gig a lot more than you realize, and the career experts at Write In Color can help you reflect that in your resume. Contact us anytime you need job interviewing prep, a resume, a cover letter or career advice. We’re happy to help all our clients in Los Angeles and beyond find the job of their dreams!

And just for fun, here are a few of’s best and worst jobs of 2012:

Best Jobs of 2012

1. Software engineer
2. Actuary
3. Human resources manager

Worst Jobs of 2012

1. Lumberjack
2. Dairy farmer
3. Enlisted military personnel


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