LinkedIn Profiles and Why You Still Need a Resume – LA Resume Services

why linkedin shouldn't replace your resume

It’s hard to believe that the digital job search has only become popular within the last 10 years. (Remind me, how did you find a job opening before Along with the digital job posting has come the digital resume, led by social media giant LinkedIn. But even though the job search has gone almost entirely digital — try to remember the last time you searched a newspaper’s classified ads — the resume has not. Here’s why a LinkedIn profile should supplement, not replace, your resume.

LinkedIn is a great way to network with employers and other professionals. It gives you the template, you simply plug in the information and — voila — you’ve got a digital resume for your coworkers and future employers to see. You’ve got LinkedIn, and it spells out a lot of your career accomplishments; why, then, would you ever need an actual resume?

Because most employers still require one. And one of the major reasons why is that a resume, unlike a LinkedIn profile, forces job candidates to boil down their experiences into a succinct, high-impact package. Your resume design is also a key way for you to get your personality across. Subtle design choices such as a modern font or pop of color can showcase your brand or personal style in ways that the template on your LinkedIn profile never will. And then there’s the digital divide: if your dream employer is one of the few people without a LinkedIn profile, you won’t be a blip on the radar unless you provide a resume.

Unless an employer specifically says there’s no resume required, the unspoken rule is that every time you apply for a job, you need to include a resume, at the very least (here at Write In Color, we’re strong believers in the cover letter, as well).

Rather than get rid of your resume or your LinkedIn, have both and make sure that the content is consistent between them. When you update your resume, update your LinkedIn, and vice versa. If you work with Write In Color on your resume, we can update your LinkedIn profile to reflect your new copy.


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