Should You Put Your Cover Letter In The Body of Your Email?

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It’s a question we hear time and again: Can I just put my cover letter in the body of my email? And if not, what in the heck do I write in my email message?

Luckily, there’s a quick answer to this question, which has created quite the digital divide among job seekers: No, your cover letter does not go in the body of your email. What does is a succinct introduction and a reference to the materials you’ve attached to your email — which, hopefully, are an awesome resume and a super-personalized cover letter.

The protocol goes something like this: After you’ve correctly formatted your stellar, personalized cover letter, dot all the ‘I’s, cross all the ‘T’s and double-check the employer information to make sure it goes with the job you’re applying for (there’s no quicker way to get your application tossed than if you have your letter addressed to the wrong employer). Then, attach your cover letter and resume to your email in two separate PDF files. That way, your formatting and style will be intact regardless of the recipient’s programs (or lack thereof).

The body of your email is the place to use a slightly more conversational tone than in your resume or cover letter. Keep it short and sweet: make an introduction, tell the employer something about yourself, and make sure to mention which position you’re applying for. End with a reference to your attached cover letter and resume and a statement such as, “I’m looking forward to discussing this position with you in more detail soon.”  Sign your name, make sure all your attachments are there, fill in an informative subject line (“John Doe Job Application: Receptionist Position”) and — voila! — you’re ready to send your introduction off into the digital world.

Are you worried that your resume and cover letter don’t reflect your true skills and accomplishments? Write In Color helps clients from Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Orange County, Southern California and beyond develop job application materials they’re proud to send out to employers. Contact us for more information on our custom resume and cover letter process, which is personalized for you every step of the way.


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