Top Twitter Hashtags for Jobs and Job Seekers

The job search: yes, there’s an app for that. There are a million websites for it. And there are also a bunch of #hashtags for it. In today’s endless digital landscape, more job seekers are turning to Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets to find job postings. Here are some common job-related hashtags to add to your daily dose of Twitter job searching.

tips for online job search los angeles

If you’re doing a broad job search, try these hashtags:


Try one of these industry-specific hashtags if you know your ideal job field:


(If your industry isn’t here, try adding “jobs” to the end of the name of your field.)

For job advice, try one of these hashtags:

#writeincolor (We’re always here to answer your career-related questions!)

If you feel overwhelmed by the job search, you’re not alone. Twitter may be a good place to search for open positions, but it won’t replace a good career consultant. Write In Color helps clients in all stages of their professional lives develop resumes, cover letters, job application materials and interview strategies that help them thrive in their dream industries. Need someone to talk through the process with you? Want an opinion on whether your cover letter is too personal? We’re here to help, whether you’re in Los Angeles like us or on another continent.


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