U.S. Jobs Of The Future – What If You Don’t Have A Degree?

most rapidly growing job fields us

When we think of the future, it’s easy to think of tech, tech and more tech — you know, flying cars, mind-numbing medical advances and even smarter smartphones (geniusphones, anyone?). But interestingly enough, new data from the feds shows that the country’s fastest growing occupations aren’t techy, aren’t high-brow-y, and aren’t anything like what you’d see in The Jetsons. They’re jobs that require a lot of smarts and a lot of skill, but not necessarily the kind you would get from a college degree.

Job seeker, meet the job of the future.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says these 10 jobs are the shining stars in an otherwise dull employment landscape. They’ve experienced the most growth in employment, and are expected to boom between now and the not-so-far-away 2020. Drum roll, please…

1. Personal Care Aides
2. Home Health Aides
3. Biomedical Engineers
4. Brickmasons, Blockmasons, Stonemasons and Tile & Marble Setters
5. Carpenters
6. Veterinary Technologists and Technicians
7. Reinforcing Iron & Rebar Workers
8. Physical Therapist Assistants
9. Pipelayers, Plumbers, Pipefitters and Steamfitters
10. Meeting, Convention & Event Planners

A lot of these future jobs require technical training, or may require a college degree simply because it’s become commonplace to request one in a job posting. But the fact that they’re not traditional degree jobs brings us to an interesting point: what do you do when you’re on the job hunt but don’t have a degree?

Easy: you highlight your skills as much as possible in your resume, if possible tying them in concretely to the job you’re applying for. Then, you make sure to include any other training or certifications you’ve received, or any classes you’ve taken, to show your commitment to continual advancement in your field. And you polish off your job application with an awesome cover letter that explains why you’re qualified so brilliantly that your future employer wonders why he or she ever required a college degree in the first place.

no college degree but job requires one

Whether it’s a job of the future or a job right now, you have skills to offer regardless of whether you’ve got a college diploma hanging up in your living room. Write In Color can help you craft a resume that highlights your most marketable skills and accomplishments.  


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