Ask (For A Raise) And You Shall Receive – Job Tip of the Day

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Hey you! Yes, you. Have you asked for a raise lately?

Asking for a raise isn’t easy. Even if you’re on great terms with your boss, money is a difficult topic to bring up. Maybe that explains why, according to recent research, only 1 in 4 employed women in the U.S. have asked for a raise lately.

The researchers, from Citi and LinkedIn, set out to find out the biggest gripes of women in the U.S. workforce. One of the three most common frustrations was not earning enough money, yet only 1 in 4 women said they had asked their employer for a raise in the last 12 months. What good does it do to ask? More than you think.

Of the 25% of women who asked for a raise, 75% got one. And better yet, half of them either got the raise they wanted or more than they asked for.

Let’s recap the math: A lot of us want to make more money. Very few of us ask for a raise. But those of us who do ask for a raise have a pretty good chance of getting one. The moral? Ask!


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