Be The Lightning Bolt – Job Search Cartoon

los angeles career services

Lately, we’ve been helping a lot of clients prepare for the big job interview, both through our resume services and coaching sessions that get them comfortable talking about their professional experience. Although verbal is key, nonverbal cues can also mean the difference between getting the gig and being passed up for it.

One word of advice: make it clear you’re excited about the position. Sure, a green tie is great, but unless you package it with a warm-yet-professional demeanor (and a smile), your future boss could be left less than enthused. In a recent study, 38% of execs said not smiling will hurt a job candidate’s chances of landing the gig.

In an increasingly competitive job market, a strong resume, a killer cover letter and a knack for articulating your skills and talents will go a long way. But a smile every now and then doesn’t hurt, either!


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