Cover Letters: The Tips You Need To Know

Here at Write In Color, we understand the importance of a strong cover letter. It’s an opportunity to not only illustrate your professional experience, but also provide a potential employer insight into your voice and your brand. Having read over 500 cover letters for entry-level media jobs, Slate’s Innovation’s Editor, Katherine Goldstein, provides 12 valuable tips for crafting the ideal cover letter.

Goldstein focuses on the importance of keeping a cover letter short, revealing that she gives no more than 30 seconds to look over an applicant’s cover letter. She encourages applicants to familiarize themselves with the company or website, explaining that “detailed flattery will get you further, because it shows you’ve done your homework.” And despite what academic advisors have spent years convincing us, Goldstein reveals that her eyes glaze over details pertaining to an applicant’s GPA, college coursework or thesis.

To read more of Goldstein’s insightful tips, click here

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