Resume Design

custom designed resumes with modern design

When it comes to your resume, you better believe that an employer judges a book by its cover. If you’re resume isn’t easy to read, chances are it won’t get read at all. The best way to ensure your resume gets the attention it deserves is by giving it a design just as strong as its content. And no, we’re not talking about that Microsoft Word resume template. In today’s competitive job market, a resume needs to be clean, modern, personalized and, above all, readable.

When you enlist Write In Color to craft your resume, we won’t just give you compelling, grammatically flawless content. We’ll also create a custom design that reflects your unique personality and prospective job field, all the while letting your qualifications and skills take center stage. Whether it’s a pop of color or the perfect header font, we’ll add the subtle personalized touches that make your resume stand out from the pack.

Our custom designed resumes and CVs are the epitome of form and function. We’ll make sure you’ll never get lost in the stack again.


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